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Lifting an inanimate object

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Safe Manual Handling: Proper Lifting Techniques

Assessing the Need to Move and Using Lifting Aids

Considerations Before Lifting

Prior to moving an object, evaluate if there are alternative methods, such as using lifting aids or seeking assistance. Determine if moving the object is necessary at all. Following correct lifting techniques is vital to minimize risks and prevent twisting during the lifting process.

Clear Path and Knowing Where to Place the Load

Preparing for a Safe Lift

Ensure the path is clear and plan where to place the load before initiating the lifting process.

Assessing the Weight of the Load

Determining Load Capability

Before lifting, assess the weight of the object. While the weight may be indicated on the box, verify its accuracy by gently kicking the object or attempting a trial lift. Confirm that the load is within your capability.

Applying Safe Manual Handling Principles

Proper Technique for Lifting

Follow these steps for safe manual handling:

  1. Bend your knees
  2. Keep your spine aligned
  3. Ensure a secure grip on the box
  4. Bring the box close to your body
  5. Use your thigh muscles, not your back, to lift the box
  6. Gradually and carefully place the box down, maintaining proper posture

Demonstrating Incorrect Lifting Techniques

Illustrating the Wrong Way

Using a model, we can showcase incorrect lifting techniques. One example is bending the back instead of the knees, which places strain on the lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Twisting while lifting is also improper and can lead to injuries.