Online Safe Moving and Handling Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

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Taught by Keith Sleightholm
Video Playtime: 1 hour and 27 minutes
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Safe Moving and Handling Level 2 (VTQ) At a Glance

  • Reduce accidents and injury due to poor manual handling techniques in the workplace
  • Meet the requirements of manual handling training set by the HSE
  • The importance of risk assessment and handling plans to reduce the risk of injury
  • The principles of use of different types of equipment
  • Training endorsed by Skills for Care and from a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence
  • Covers a variety of different aids used in manual handling

Welcome to your Safe Moving and Handling level 2 course. In this first section you will learn how the course works and what will be covered. We talk you through the regulations and guidelines around safe moving and handling, and explain how and why we lift correctly. Finally, this section ends with you learning about manager duties.

In this section you will learn about the injuries you could obtain when moving and lifting unsafely. We will teach you to assess the move, and what to do if an accident were to happen. You will also learn about slips, trips and falls, and workstation VDU safety.

In this section we will teach you about the acronym TILE. TILE is a way of remembering the 4 main factors which must be taken into account when carrying out risk assessments.

When moving and lifting objects, you must ensure you follow the correct techniques. In this section we show you how to lift an inanimate object on your own, how to lift a heavy object, and also team lifting. You will also learn about lifting odd shaped objects, and how to push and pull objects safely.

In this section you will learn about lifting aids, and how to use them. We talk about motorised lifting aids, conveyor belts, pallet trucks, sack trucks, and trolleys.

In this final section, we summarise the course for you. We then give you further information regarding your course resources, and how you can print off your certificate, CPD statement and evidence based training statement from your training dashboard.