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How To Use Satin Bed Sheets

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The SatinSheet System: Safe and Efficient Movement Technique

Understanding the SatinSheet System

Two-Layer Design for Easy Movement

The SatinSheet System consists of a base sheet and a top bed sheet, enabling four-directional movement (left, right, up, and down). It allows a single worker to assist in moving a service user comfortably.

Proper Installation and Secure Positioning

Ensuring Stability during Bed Use

When setting up the SatinSheet System, ensure that the labels on both sheets are face-up at the head-end of the bed. To prevent slippage while the service user is in bed, tuck the sides of the sheets underneath the mattress, securing them in place. Untuck the sheets when ready to move the service user.

Step-by-Step Movement Technique

Efficient and Comfortable Service User Transfer

  1. 1. Positioning: Grab the top sheet at the hip and shoulder, pulling the service user towards you.
  2. 2. Adjusting the Head: Place a slide sheet under the service user's hand, gently supporting their head and repositioning the pillow as desired.
  3. 3. Ensuring Comfort: Bring the service user's rolling arm next to their head and position the other arm on the opposite shoulder. Cross their legs or elevate their knees using the top slide sheet beneath their knees.
  4. 4. Turning onto the Side: Grip the top sheet at the hips and shoulders, carefully turning the service user onto their side.
  5. 5. Providing Support: Place a wedge against their back under the sheet to ensure their comfort during the sideways position.
  6. 6. Securing the Sheet: Remember to tuck the sheet back into the bed, preventing it from shifting during the movement.