Online Moving and Assisting of People Level 2 (VTQ)

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Moving Assisting of People: Level 2 Online Course

Welcome to the Course

Thank you for choosing ProTrainings for your Moving Assisting of People online course. This level 2 course will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to assist individuals. Please refer to your workplace's risk assessments and care plans for specific guidance. If you have any uncertainties, don't hesitate to ask your manager for clarification.

Course Structure

In this course, you will find a series of videos, knowledge review questions, and a completion test. You can pause, resume, and rewatch the videos as needed. The course is compatible with any device, allowing you to switch between devices seamlessly. Pin the video to the top of your screen for simultaneous reading and watching. Subtitles are available by clicking the CC icon. Additional help is provided for incorrect answers.

Completion and Resources

Once you successfully pass the completion test, you will receive a completion certificate and access to downloadable materials. Visit the course homepage for additional resources and links to support your training. We regularly update our courses, so be sure to check for new materials periodically. The course remains accessible for eight months from your start date, even after completion.

Company Solutions and Support

For those responsible for staff training, we offer free company dashboards. Contact us via email, phone, or online chat for more information on our company solutions. Throughout your training, we provide a complete support package, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Stay Updated

As part of your course enrollment, you will receive weekly emails on Monday mornings to keep your skills fresh and inform you about new videos and blog updates. You can manage your email preferences at any time.

We hope you enjoy your Moving Assisting of People course with ProTrainings. Thank you for choosing us to enhance your skills. Good luck!