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LOLER and PUWER Regulations

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Understanding UK Legislation and Regulations for Moving and Handling Objects and People

In this discussion, we delve into crucial legislation and regulations that oversee the moving and handling of objects and people, including Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations (PUWER), and certain aspects of the Health and Social Care Act.

LOLER: Ensuring Safe Equipment for Lifting

LOLER (1998) governs any equipment used in moving people. This regulation mandates a thorough examination of all equipment before use and regular monitoring. Under LOLER, equipment should be examined every six months or if a fault has occurred, necessitating a reassessment to ensure it is in working order.

PUWER: Promoting Safe and Regularly Inspected Workplace Equipment

PUWER focuses on the safe, stable, and regularly inspected use of all types of workplace equipment. It's important to note that both LOLER and PUWER stipulate that users must be adequately trained and provided with sufficient information and supervision.

Health and Social Care Act: Safe Care and Treatment

The Health and Social Care Act, specifically Regulated Activities, Regulation 12, outlines the safe care and treatment of individuals who may require moving, positioning, medication, or any other care-relevant support. This regulation ensures that staff receive adequate training and refresher courses, that there is consistent supervision, and that all equipment is appropriately maintained.

Importance of Care Plans and Risk Assessments

Within the context of the Health and Social Care Act, it's crucial to have clear care plans in place. These plans should include manual handling risk assessments carried out by competent individuals to ensure comprehensive coverage of all potential risks.

Together, LOLER, PUWER, and the Health and Social Care Act form the primary regulatory framework for safe and effective moving and handling operations in the UK.