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Keeping people safe in showers

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Shower Support: Safety and Equipment

Equipment and Setup

When supporting individuals during showering, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment and setup for their safety and comfort.

Hand Rails and Non-Slip Flooring

Depending on the type of shower, handrails and non-slip tiling on the floor are crucial. They provide reassurance and minimize the risk of slips and falls.

Shower Chair and Accessibility

If an individual requires seating during the shower, a shower chair should be available. Ensuring accessibility includes having a longer shower hose for independent use and placing items within easy reach to prevent stretching and reaching hazards.

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Before entering the shower, a dynamic risk assessment should be conducted to evaluate the individual's ability to weight-bear and stand. The presence of a chair provides a resting option if needed.

Observation and Safety

Constant observation is important to maintain a safe shower environment. Checking the condition of the floor and equipment, ensuring the suitability of the chair, and providing comfort and reassurance through clear communication are key elements of safety.

Assistance and Professionalism

If support is required, it should be provided appropriately and professionally. Assisting the individual to and from the shower with care and following proper procedures is essential.

By considering these factors and ensuring the necessary equipment and precautions are in place, individuals can have a safe and comfortable shower experience while maintaining their independence for as long as possible.