Team Lifting

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Teamwork in Lifting Heavy or Bulky Objects: Proper Techniques

Identifying the Need for Assistance

Recognizing the Limitations

Some items may be too heavy or bulky for an individual to lift alone. It is important to acknowledge when assistance is required and seek help to safely move the load.

Evaluating Weight and Condition

Assessing the Load

Before attempting to lift, determine the weight of the item. Look for labels indicating the weight, or if uncertain, ascertain the contents to estimate the load. Additionally, ensure the box is not wet, damaged, or improperly sealed to avoid accidents or injury caused by contents falling out.

Establishing Clear Communication and Roles

Assigning Responsibilities

When working as a team, designate a leader to provide instructions and facilitate communication. Discuss the best approach for lifting, including cues like "ready, steady, lift," and agree on the destination for placing the item.

Using Correct Manual Handling Techniques

Ensuring Proper Lifting and Movement

Follow these steps for safe lifting:

  1. Get a good grip on the item, adjusting as necessary
  2. Coordinate the lift with the leader's command
  3. Use correct manual handling techniques, such as lifting from the knees and avoiding strain on the back
  4. Maintain communication and visual contact while moving the item
  5. Lower the item carefully using the proper techniques

Considering Load Distribution and Shape

Understanding Load Characteristics

Be aware of any uneven weight distribution or irregular shape of the load. During the initial assessment, determine the centre of gravity and plan accordingly to ensure a coordinated lift without straining one person or risking tipping.