Assessing the Individual Move

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Preparation and Assessment for Safe Object Movement

Prioritize Strategic Thinking

Importance of Stopping and Considering

Before initiating any object movement, it is crucial to pause and contemplate the upcoming task. Hasty actions often lead to problems. Take a moment to reflect on the necessity of moving the object and assess the safety considerations.

Considerations for Safe Object Movement

Factors to Evaluate

During the assessment process, ponder the following questions:

  • Necessity: Is it essential to move the object?
  • Safety: Can you perform the task safely on your own, or do you need assistance or lifting equipment?
  • Access: Is the route clear, and are the doors open for smooth movement?
  • Lighting: Assess if there is adequate lighting, as insufficient illumination can pose a problem.
  • Rest and Grip: Determine if you need to pause halfway to rest or adjust your grip.
  • Distance: Consider the distance you need to move the load.
  • Protective Measures: Assess if protective clothing or equipment is necessary.

Perform a Mini-Risk Assessment Every Time

Continual Evaluation for Safe Object Movement

Regardless of how many times you have moved a load before, it is imperative to complete a mini-risk assessment each time. Treat it like the habitual act of looking before crossing the road – always ensure it is safe to proceed.