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There are many different trolleys available to do many different tasks. These can be from carrying papers to larger heavy loads. You must ensure that any trolley you use has been tested and is fit for purpose. You also need to ensure that your employer allows you to use the trolley as there may be special rules in your workplace.

The rules for using trolleys are to always:

  • Wear the required PPE
  • Use the right manual handlings techniques to load and unload the trolley
  • Make sure it won't move when you load it
  • Have the correct number of staff to lift, load and use the hand trolley
  • Consider the site conditions
  • Carry out the pre-use checks
  • Make sure any testing stickers are in date
  • Use the trolley in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • Ensure the load is secure at all times
  • Load the trolley evenly and don’t overload it
  • Unload it safely and in the correct sequence

When using a trolley, you should never:

  • Sit or ride on the hand trolley
  • Overload the trolley
  • Use a hand trolley if you don’t think its safe to do so
  • Interfere with the braking system
  • Push at more than walking speed.